GPS Gravity® 648 Front ATV Шина

$59.67 - $64.07

GPS Gravity® 648 Front ATV Шина

$59.67 - $64.07



  • GPS Gravity®648
  • 6 слой
  • Усиленная глубина протектора
  • «GPS» резиновая смесь
  • Невероятно сильный
  • Прочный и устойчивый к проколам


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The new GPS Gravity® 648 ATV front tire has proven to be a tough, reliable ATV tire you can trust! This is not your average thin after market ATV tire, the “GPS” Gravity 648 is constructed of a solid 6ply rated carcass giving you that extra confidence vs. the normal 4ply rated tire. The special GPS rubber compound is designed to last longer but still have the performance & traction you expect! The reinforced tread design of the GPS Gravity 648 works excellent in any condition or terrain with its reinforced “2mm”taller tread depth helping tire performance & steering in Hard pack, sandy, muddy, loamy or any conditions. The directional tread design and 6 ply construction gives the operator a unique advantage and protection against punctures and still have a comfortable ride for the terrain he/she is headed to. The GPS Gravity®648 6ply is just slightly heavier than the 6ply version and is no wonder many are making the switch for a stronger more durable tire at a very affordable price.

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21x7x10, 22x7x10, 23x7x10

Обзор 1 для GPS Gravity® 648 Front ATV Шина

  1. Иисус -

    Очень хорошая шина и верный размеру, где большинство не. Я управляю ими уже несколько месяцев, и у меня еще не было квартир. Я использовал Maxxis и платил вдвое больше, и все время получал квартиры. Мы будем использовать их во всех пустынных гонках.

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